Don’t let me go…

Don't let me go...

If you are reading this post, in the moment I publish it, from Europe, Australia or Asia then receive my greetings oh great survivor of New Year’s day party! you probably had started the Viking party the year 2015 and continue it till 2016 ♪♫✌

If you are in America or Americas (depending of your school of thought) still we are two and half hours away from 2016. Still we are here. The years go away with the stream of time… I hope you have found something akin to your spirit in my words and photographs of this personal diary, thanks for your visit.

Kind regards from a far away place in Peru and happy new year and hoping you had a nice 2015.

25 thoughts on “Don’t let me go…

  1. Dear Francis, thank you for your companionship in the internet. I always appreciate your sensitive posts, your very kind, friendly and competent comments and your manner to respond to people.
    I wish you with all my heart a year 2016, that fullfills some of your expectations and dreams – some have to rest for 2017 😉
    Keep well and fit. I look forward to your posts 🙂
    Hearty greetings

    1. Vielen dank for your warm words, Ulli. They make a nice beginning of year for me :-)
      In the roads you are going to follow I wish you happiness in all of them ^_^ Take care so much, Ulli.
      Kind regards from somebody that learned to appreciate you,

      1. Thank you, Francis. I’m very pleased about your very kind words 🙂
        You made my day 😉
        Best wishes,

    1. Thank you Inese ^_^ I feel honored for your kind words. I love your photographs too, and I love your beautiful land :-)
      Happy and creative New Year for you as well,

  2. Hey Francis! You helped to make 2015 an AWESOME year! I wish you all the best in 2016, wherever life takes you. I hope that you continue your diary so that we can follow along.
    Te quiero, mi amigo! Besos! :)

    1. You made my 2015 a spectacular year, Melissa. Thanks for everything ^_^/ I don’t know much about the future but I’ll try to continue the diary.
      Yo te quiero más ^^ Besos :-)

    1. I found a lot to be grateful. More than the things I share I am happier for the special persons that can see beauty in them. Thanks Caroline for being here and for being you . A big smile towards you : ))))))))

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