17 thoughts on “Little thing in the vast city

  1. A great shot, Francis. Like the composition of warmth and straightness. The staircase is a wonderful stylistic element for that photo.

      1. I believe, Francis. I always admire your photos – Ilo is wonderful coloured and if I would visit Ilo I would recognise some places because of your photos 🙂

  2. So it’s really visits worth – I like the non-touristic places, they are original and unaltered.
    Have a creative Sunday, Francis

    1. I appreciate your photographs for that as well, Ulli. They take me to places otherwise I wouldn’t see… without the rush of crowded places.
      Wish you a nice Sunday, Ulli.

  3. And the little thing is probably enjoying the solitude in the vast space….except there’s a guy poking a camera in it’s face.
    Just kidding!
    I like the lines, shadows and soft lavenders in this shot. Well done!

    1. haha, yeah! there is no love in no place for paparazzi XD
      Than you, Melissa. I tried to make the city dreamy focusing in that little thing. Ilo makes doubt about living close to the sea in the coast or close to te stars in the highlands… (why not both?XD)

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