Falling in middle of a forest

falling in middle of a forest

Write in the moon a sweet irony…

An errant planet navigating the night

With light of a far Sun.

I met in middle December a young lady, a special friend (the first line is based in her words). Sometimes you don’t know who is going to find you, (◕‿‿◕。) She uses several nicks, as nicol-chan, cottón candy chibi, lil’ lady panda, in any case she is one of the persons that gave me happiness to have met in the 2015 (/^▽^)/


Escribe en la Luna, dulce ironía…

Un planeta errante navegando la noche

Con cálida luz de un Sol distante.

Conocí a una señorita en diciembre, una amiga especial para mi (la primera línea son sus palabras). A veces no sabes a quién vas a encontrar, (◕‿‿◕。) Ella usa bastantes nicks, algunos como nicol-chan, algodoncito de azúcar chibi, chica pandita, en cualquier caso es una de las personas que me ha dado tanta felicidad de conocer en el 2015 (/^▽^)/

14 thoughts on “Falling in middle of a forest

  1. A beautiful way to bring in the New Year ~ great series of photos and wishing you continued success in your photography. Cheers to a great 2016.

  2. Thank you for your post! :) This is just what I need to hear as I head into 2016. Here’s to making new friends!

    1. Of course ^_^ but without losing contact with the beautiful people we met, what reminds me that I’d love to chat with you ;-)
      Besos y abrazos ^^/

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