The mystery of the two rainbows

The mystery of two rainbows

I saw the rainbow in the disposable cup, and its reflection in the glass desk. The rainbows occupy opposite places, as if they couldn’t know the laws of mirrors that slave a reflection to its original. Of course the easier answer is that I don’t know well the laws of optics…

11 thoughts on “The mystery of the two rainbows

  1. There are rainbows everywhere ~~ people just have to look. The sun shining through the window in my grandmother’s kitchen is creating two on the back of my hands as I write this.
    Maybe I should go get some sunscreen :) Nice photo!

    1. I think that’s super complicated, to have something beautiful to see in your hands so you cannot take a photography of it…
      I remember you told me about colors in car oil so perhaps was because you I notice the rainbows in that cup ;-)

      1. Like I said – rainbows can be found anywhere, even in a pool of motor oil.
        Have a great day :)

    1. I know there is a lacking comma, it’s curious how a so little symbol can make me blush for a moment =^_^= (equals symbols are the red cheeks)
      Two rainbows are something special that I am happy to see it even in a plastic cup : )

  2. This is a question for for a physics teacher. Perhaps one rainbow, on the cup was caused by the light coming through the window (Primary source?) and the reflected rainbow was caused by the overhead lights (secondary source?) I spent too much time thinking about your photo and this was the first thing I pulled up in a search. which led me to look closer at the light sources in your photo.

    1. I have just finished to see your source dear Kim. Thank you for your time : ) it seems I need to review also my books about optic. Now that I think among my visitors there are scientists, probably they consider that knoledge adquired by oneself is more important. In one week I hope to answer this mystery.

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