11 thoughts on “A place to think in silence

  1. He must be surrounded by intense vibrations… the bird I mean… I wonder how his eyes see, how they interpret all this beauty and harmony… the orange and the blues… one thing for sure, it must be intense and amazing to look at for him too!
    Have a good day Francis. ^;^

    1. The crash of the waves are sound vibrating across his body. He is so used to his tridimensional world that goes beyond our limits of the ground, I wonder if he can notice it anymore.
      Thanks for giving me a nice day with your words, Caroline. I hope you have a wonderful day too \^_^/

  2. Either that’s a really big bird, or the structures are small. That’s some interesting architecture — did you design that?

    1. The structure is not so large, behind it there are seats to see the sea, and the bird is a bit taller than the diameter of a basketball ball.
      I didn’t design that place, although I have some public spaces designed and built in Ilo city : )

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