16 thoughts on “Massive and cotton

  1. I wonder, bus, train, railway station, gas station, two masts ? The red stripes are especially mysterious. The background is just gorgeous ! I dream to walk there, in the middle of clouds and stars.

    1. It’s in the highway, Gilles. Inside a bus, the stripes are reflections from the curtain :-)
      It’s aproximately at 3800meters above sea level. The landscape is special there.

  2. And you certainly belong among the clouds and stars,my friend!
    Thank you for the photo with the lovely blue sky. It’s been horribly gloomy here :(
    The earth squishes when I walk…I got my mom’s car stuck in the mud. Oh – the shame!

    1. You are helping and I am sure it’s not your fault, in the worst case are the kind of things that happens from time to time, I would like to be there to give you a hug : )
      Here there is a summer for you

    1. Actually that’s a very high hill. Once it was under a sea that know is the lake Titicaca. I guess you would need close to an hour to climb it, those rocks are bigger than a human.

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