Sound in rock

sound in rock

Voices and ceremonial sounds were emited with this stone.

In the old temple of Kalasasaya in Bolivia; it’s said that it was used as a loudspeaker stone. sculpted to amplify the human voice. I have traveled palaces, pyramides and cities of our ancient civilizations but it has to be the only place where I have seen a stone made in that way…

19 thoughts on “Sound in rock

    1. But there is also a bit of “Form Follows Fantasy” as well, it’s not common.
      Said that I am happy to see you, Kim. I always visit your publications but I had the feeling for your time (as you told me about your time) was not the best to comments; so I´ll take advatage to wish you a good and better new year. I am happy to have known you in the previous year, regularly I miss your presence and your portraits of the seasons across your magic lake.

  1. Tiwanaku makes for interesting early morning coffee reading :) I’ll have to bookmark the page on Wikipedia. I can’t afford to get distracted today! But thanks for introducing the subject :)
    Have a great day!

  2. wow, it’s wonderful… the sound stone…
    and i love the texture of that red rock, especially in the upper left corner of the photo… i couldn’t explain why… some sort of resonance… it’s incredibly beautiful to my eyes…

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