Seed of a new city

Seed of a new city

There is a place outside Arequipa city where a new city, probably for farmers, is growing. It’s a slowly being bigger and ordered; it is in the desert and in the afternoon a big shadow covers it. The mountain far away in the center is the volcano Misti.

I think in it as a baby city, getting bigger with the time… I use to wonder every time I travel if in few time it’s going to have cars, skyscrapers, planes, crowds and the noise of big cities and if I would say I knew it when it was a baby city.

8 thoughts on “Seed of a new city

  1. Had a look at the bigger version and wow there’s a lot going on in that shadow. You should take a photo from the same place now and again to see how it grows up :) Lovely colour in that sky.

  2. I’ve known a few city-seedlings in my day…The one in Taiwan was constructed so quickly that it wasn’t very well planned. Such a pity! Don’t let them commit the same heinous act in this small town outside of Arequipa, Francis!

    1. I’d like to do that… but you know, Peru is probably one of the most unplanified countries on Earth. Mostly everything is informal and even worse probably I would get an spot there :D Thanks for your visit, Melissa.

  3. I guess you’re standing on the mountain with the sun behind you, going down…
    It’s a very strange feeling to look up close at such a city… on such a flat land, between mountains…

    1. I would like to be standing, but I was behind the window of a bus in movement. With water the desert is quite attractive to farmers because it have sun the whole year.

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