27 thoughts on “Misti in the distance

    1. piripo pop! pinripin pun! oh, sorry, sometimes I speak in my native Martian language XD Curiously in the flat lands near there NASA grow potatoes to experiment their growing in Mars.

    1. The government brings to certain huge zones water from the mountains to crops and farms in the flat part of the desert, so the society is hungry with the desert too ☺

    1. It’s the third largest country in South America so there is a lot to see, well, actually with more money my love would extend to more countries XP


  1. So close…and yet so far away!
    I though Martian sounded like, “Aaaack. Aaaaack. Aaak-aak-aaak.” Which means,”Don’t run! We are your friends.”

      1. A nice suggestion: bloggermeeting on the Mars.
        Legt us know time and location, Francis ⛱
        Greetings from Good Old Germany,

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