A bridge in a sky of ice-cream

happy birthday mèlanita cabrita-_

Is not this day… but it was the birthday of a friend. I remembered she liked rainbows so a time ago I shot this for her, as a way to wish you days with joy and happiness ^_^

No es este el día… pero fue el cumpleaños de una amistad de WordPress, que pasó en la compañía de su extraordinario compañero de vida y sus brillantes hijos. Recordé que le gustan los arco iris así que un tiempo atrás fotografié este para publicarlo y que sea una forma de desearle días de felicidad y alegría ^_^ Gracias por las enseñanzas en idiomas y en formas de ver la vida, Mélanie.

Con amistad : )

18 thoughts on “A bridge in a sky of ice-cream

    1. I hope to be thought in that way, Ulli. But sometimes is something just time can tell. Hoping you’re having a nice week, Ulli.
      Best wishes,

      1. I hope your friend Melanie understood your friendly gesture, Francis.
        Have a good time on the other side. Here it’s really cold now ❄️

  1. This is quite amazing, pretty well the closest I’ve seen to a perfect rainbow-bridge for ice-cream and teddy bears.
    And the building is striking. The red and black windowed-wall. Is that what it is?

    1. It was amazing to see it in the sky. I was just there to pick up some clothes.
      The building is the part of a stair covered with polycarbonate sheets of those two colors. I am glad you see it yummy too D:

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