Mooney blue

mooney blue

If I would have to say why I love the moon

She is one and unique in the universe.

I love her when she is in the sky.

I miss her when she is not there.

I love her when she is full of light.

I love her when she is in shadow.

In a field of billions of stars

The sky is filled just by you.


Si tuviera que decir por qué amo la Luna

Sólo hay una como ella en el universo.

La amo cuando está en el cielo.

La extraño cuando no está ahí.

La amo cuando está plena de luz.

La amo cuando está en sombras.

En un campo de miriadas de estrellas

Mi cielo está ocupado sólo por ti a.n.c.z.

20 thoughts on “Mooney blue

    1. Qué bueno que te gustó amor ^_^ Sabes? Eres mi musita, me vuelves poeta y también me haces perder en el universo dulce de tus palabras y en la noche bella de tus ojos.
      Eres importante para mi, mi Lunita de algodoncito de azúcar. :3

      1. Yes, Francis, you’re right. In German the moon is masculine and the sun is feminine. But however: we see the same moon as you :-) 🌓
        Have a good start in the new week

  1. Those Nights

    I love those nights
    When your deep eyes,
    Like gates ajar
    Send droves of sparks afar,
    That in the tears of love
    Shine in the skies like stars.

    I love their flutter like a dove
    In those deep moments full of love,
    And playful rhythm
    Eyelashes sweeping from above,
    Your forehead in the air
    Seconds surviving in your hair.

    The shadows sweetly hiding
    The gentle kiss,
    On my dry lips
    Touching yours keenly,
    Unable to endure
    So much allure.

    Caressing the full curves
    In velvet smooth embrace,
    I feel the warm fine lines
    Flowing like nothing else,
    Like blood all through my veins
    Relieving wistful pains.

    From Dan (poetry) and Nicol (English arrangement), for a dear colleague, from poetic community! :D

    1. It’s just beyond perfection a dear peace of friendship. Thanks very much Dan and Nicol for an extraordinary collaboration.
      In part it’s funny because the lady for whom my words and photograph are dedicated is Nicol… Life is a circle.
      Thanks very much by heart… I don’t know what to say. I will read it again and again.

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