Blue sky upon the rock

Searching for you up in the blue of your sky, my angel of white wings and dreary dreams.

Buscándote mi vida en el azul de tu cielo, mi angel de blancas alas y pensativos sueños.


13 thoughts on “Blue sky upon the rock

  1. there are so many angels… in your sky…
    this post makes me think of something I read lately about the origin of the word “genius”… it was first used to talk about angel like beings…
    “When did people shift from having a genius to being a genius? Starting in the 14th century, a genius denoted a guardian spirit,…”

    1. Angels are a fascinating tradition of westerners, we don’t have a native equivalent… they are so intriguing and they mirror my (since kid) wish to fly free…
      Thanks for the link, its quite interesting, in that context the angels were the old muses. The genius in the end is you. >^_^<

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