24 thoughts on “Signs in the light

  1. It is a message filled with a deeper meaning, very deep… and it is telling you, “It is a sunset, but never mind… lots of clouds, but never mind…. it is getting dark soon, but never mind…. it could even be sunrise, but never mind because it is ambiguous… just think deep thoughts and impress the hell out of the world with those deep thoughts.. and tell them wisely, gravely and with all the gravity you can muster, that there is a deeper meaning that they haven’t understood… only then can you be the deep, wise man that you were supposed to be… ” :D hehehe…

    I know what you are thinking, Francis.. and yes, I agree… sometimes we dilute the complexity of the world merely by telling others that we know better than the rest… that there are interpretations that the “common mortals” have not understood. There is no meaning, at times, very true. What we call the truth is merely Our Truth, not something that we share with the world. But then people are always tempted into looking for more complex ideas, theories and interpretations – the simplest one would do – it is a beautiful picture, don’t bring asinine metaphysics into it – enjoy it for what it is, do not look for deeper meaning where there is none.. am I right in guessing that was your intent? :D

    1. It’s just a simple WordPress message. The complexity of lights made me remember persons that try to read them like signals, symbols, the future is important in Peru and every corner there is people reading it in cards, lead, coca leaf, etcetera.
      Of course there are some happy to say obscure interpretations about everything, specially art. The photograph was more a game with physical filters. XD

  2. Absolutely correct, Francis ! There is no message. And there are plenty of messages at the same time. A piece of art may say nothing and says a lot at the same time. Anyone’s subconscious is free to read what he or she feels like he or she wants to read and write or draw or shoot or sing … Many thanks for moving my few neurones, Francis !

      1. Yes… But RL always is important, so in part I was happy because you would come back with new stories (as your travel to Ireland) and in great part wondering were you would be. In any case I am happy to see you again. ^^

  3. Wonderful effects. I don’t see a message but my phantasy tells me so much about that photo.
    My message to you: You had a good eye, Francis – as always.
    Kind regards from Germany

    1. Fantasy is a much better friend than thinking in messages. One closer to beauty. : )
      Thanks for your kind message, Ulli. It tastes as sweet as hone. n.n
      Kind regards from Peru.

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