Several lifes at the same time

several lifes at the same time


Time contains so many stories parallels crossing and sometimes blending at diffent paces and differents roads… but in the end every one of them converge to the same final.

El tiempo contiene tantas historias paralelas cruzando y a veces mezclándose a diferentes ritmos y por diferentes caminos… pero igual todas terminan en el mismo final.

29 thoughts on “Several lifes at the same time

  1. What a well-lit path! Luminous. Whenever I’m stuck in traffic on my way home, I think of all the people stuck, too, and we are all going to different places but to the same place, as well — home. Beautifully expressed, Francis. 🏠 🏡

  2. The big red lines in the front could symbolize blood in that dark night and I think in our hectic life it’s often really important – but mostly just by chance – to be or not to be at the right time in the right place. Think about the ghost driver.
    There is a film that demonstrates what I mean:
    Great shot and good work, Francis.
    Have a nice day,

    1. Run Lola Run is a movie I loved to see! XD quite funny!!! I appreciate your vision of my photograph Ulli, it’s quite beautiful.
      Nice day for you as well. ^^

    1. It’s not hard becauce I practice a lot in night photography, I remember you have no time to shot long exposures at night. Although your Fujifilm would give you extraordinary night photographs!
      I rested my very old camera in a fence and that was all. ^^

      1. I will love to see them, I don’t like to carry tripods like you, so I use trees, fences, etcetera. But as we told sometime I give you my nocturnal photographs and you your sunrises. ; )

    1. “We shouldn’t move so fast that we reach death but not so slow that death reach us”
      Thanks for cross your path, even in this virtual way with mine. ^_^/

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