In the beginning I tried the trial version of Lightroom, I used to spend a lot of time editing my photographs; because that I opted to don’t purchase it and go with Photo Ninja instead which takes me just a few minutes. In this photograph I inverted the colors  with Lightroom.

I adore how the sky invert t a kind of metallic blue, the blue part in the bottom is the warm colors of sunrise. The electronic totem rest as a white watcher.


Al inicio usé la versión de prueba de Lightroom, se me pasaba mucho tiempo editando las fotografías; debido a ello opté por no comprarlo y en cambio usar Photo Ninja, el cual me ocupa sólo unos minutos. Para invertir los colores usé Lightroom.

Adoro como el cielo se invierte en una clase de azúl metálico, la parte azul en la parte inferior son los colores del amanecer. El tótemc electrónico.

18 thoughts on “Totem

    1. haha, there is no secret Julie ^^ I did it in lightroom but any editing program (as the free Photoscape) has the option to invert colors or a filter to convert to negative. If you use a program I could search for you how it is done there. : )

  1. Fantastic color, isn’t it? It separates the clouds from background, and looks incredible. The white ‘totem’ is exactly what I saw last Sunday ( couldn’t stop for a picture) – white construction cranes on a deep metallic-blue background of a stormy sky. Breathtaking.

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