15 thoughts on “arMy

      1. What I meant was “Ami”. It is the shortform for “Amerikaner” (American) in our German language. Sorry, you couldn’t know.
        Am I? Yes!!! 😀
        Have a nice day. Here we have what wie call our 5th season: Carnival.
        Ulli 🎭

      2. Actually I didn’t know, buy I am glad to learn something new, so thank you very much, Ulli. : )
        Have a nice day as well dear Ulli and great carnivals. We have our Qhashwa in the coutryside. The season of harvest.
        Kind regards,

    1. Your English is perfect and transmits the beauty of your thoughts, (so I added the lacking “s”) Can you believe we don’t use heaters despite the cold temperatures at high altitudes? This time I see an image but I am afraid it’s not perhaps what your eyes see. The idea is nevertheless quite beautiful… ^_^

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