Ancestors’ energy


Over lake Titicaca old forces converge like a strong spirit searching communication with the sleeping lady of the lake,

Sobre el lato Titicaca antiguas fuerzas convergen en un espíritu brutal que desea comunicarse con la durmiente dama del lago.

21 thoughts on “Ancestors’ energy

    1. You are right Tejaswi. There is a better way to redact it without repetitions. I will be more careful. In fact I am thinking in prepare the posts with better redaction. Thanks Tejaswil. : )

      1. Oh no… I didn’t mean it that way, Francis… :D I meant, lake on top and lake below.. The one above, looks scary… the one below looks placid… :)

    1. Yes, it’s the sky sometimes at 3800 meters above sea level. Now for suggestion of a friend my weekends are Wednesdays, Lol. (life working as an inpependent) Happy weekend, Gin!

    1. A time I was crazy with that silver bluish black and white tone I created, that was one of my favorite photographs… Thanks for being there in soul, Caroline. ^_^

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