Try to touch with your right hand your right shoulder… Ok? Now try to touch your right elbow. Not so easy I guess, right? This is a way to explain the paradox of closeness: the closer to us the harder we have to understand it. Is easier to know a stranger than a friend; easier a friend than a loved one; less hard a loved one than yourself. We all are a mystery…

A stranger is gazing you in the mirror.


Toca tu hombro derecho con tu mano derecha… ¿Listo? Ahora intenta a tocar la zona del codo. Esta vez no fue tan fácil, ¿verdad? Es una manera de explicar la paradoja de la cercanía: mientras más cerca esté algo de uno más difícil es para nosotros de entenderlo. Es más fácil intuir a un extraño que a un amigo; más fácil un amigo que a nuestro ser amado; menos difícil al ser amado que a ti mismo. Todos somos un misterio…

Un extraño te devuelve la mirada en el espejo.

15 thoughts on “Mystery

  1. yes all mystery, francis! and a beautiful picture with a silver snake……..YOUR words are mirrors for us……I look, I read and I think with you

  2. it’s a good thing maybe that we are strangers to ourselves… this way, life never ceases to surprise us…
    Hi, Francis, I haven’t visited forever it seems… days go by so fast… I’m glad I’m in your house… this one, this virtual one… got some tea? ¨-¨

    1. Hi Caroline! Nice to see you ^^/
      Days go so fast but I don’t care, in my mind I saw you one second ago. Yes, I agree, surprises give us a better taste to life. See your messages is a quite nice one… n.n
      Of course some tea, one you have not tasted before made with our sacred leaf, a coca tea. It’s so important to our social life… someday I have to write about it.

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