Today the workers finished their work in the building, one I designed; now is time for windows and tiles and paint. But the crazy part is about the legal documents. I gave them photographs of them working (they asked for them) so I hope they have a nice memory.

We worked without safety measures, I say “we” because I had to do the same to see the construction; sometimes I had to help to build the beams, the slab and the electrical connections… I did it not for the customer but to get my design into the reality.


Hoy los trabajadores terminaron su labor en el edificio, uno de los que diseñé; ahora es tiempo para cristales, mayólicas y pintura. Pero la parte que me vuelve loco son los documentos legales. Les di fotografías de ellos trabajando (ellas me las pidieron) espero que sea un buen recuerdo para ellos.

Trabajamos sin medidas de seguridad. Digo “nosotros” porque trabajé en las mismas condiciones; a veces incluso ayudé a construir las vigas, la losa y las instalaciones eléctricas… No lo hice por el cliente sino más para que mi diseño fuese parte de la realidad.

19 thoughts on “Manpower

  1. I knew you were brilliant, Francis, but I had no idea how much so! Your talent knows no limit, darling friend. I did look at the photo and thought that they are very high off the ground, and no safety harness or anything. How scary! I wish them and you the best. Will you please show us the building when it’s complete? I’d love to see the full impact of your work. xo

  2. Ditto on the end result thing, but no safety? That ain’t good Francis. As far as we know you only get one life and it’s precious. Do be careful

    1. Also women work in construction, although there wasn’t one in this case. Still it’s in its way of finishing, but the desing is changing, for sure I am going to show the render, but if it ends so different then There wouldn’t be a reason to show something that is not mine :T

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