Memories of Paucarpata

Rain of light over me

rain of light over me

I know I have not posted longer articles since a time. I am quite busy with my projects. But today I decided to give me a relax and to publish some photographs. These are from some years ago with a point and shoot of four megapixels in a place named Paucarpata.

Walking to another realm

walking to another realm

Paucarpata means “flowery platform” and it’s actually pre-hispanic farm platforms still in use. It’s located in Peru in one of the districts of Arequipa city. I walked with a friend philosopher when I was at university.

Stone by stone...

stone by stone

These barriers made with stone are called “pirka” you can found them in every farmland in the Peruvian highlands, in the deserts of the coast use vegetal fibers instead.

Two old pals talking

two old plas talking



I don’t know if they are related, but I liked so much the idea of family ties in the vast countryside.

A road to fantasy-land

a road to fantasy land



Remains of buildings, exposing the with volcanic rock as a kind of bones after the rain…

Watcher of the sky

watcher of the sky

Light painting softly the countryside

light painting softly the countryside

Seeing from the distance I think the fully automatic little camera did a good job. But that time I was getting closer to its limits…

A last try of warmness

a last try of warmness

And that was just a good time. It was one of the few times I walked with somebody else. Except the last year in July… And I think I can notice that my partners in crime get quickly impatient… I am not the kind of guy that just walk away and snap shots. I like so much to taste the place and see… and walk and get lost in it, even if I cannot get to discover it completely.

I prefer to know a little but well that know  everything but just superficially.

Thinking in a far past

thinking in a far past

23 thoughts on “Memories of Paucarpata

    1. Precisely I love that one better. But relatives and friends (in that time when I showed them my photographs) seems to think that’s a photograph without importance. Glad I find in you somebody who thinks the same. : )

  1. Fabulous, it’s almost like a travel guide – except more arty. I especially love the wall with the extra stone on top. I’m not even sure why, it just makes me happy :D

    1. Haha, Can you believe I don’t read travel guides? I think they spoil the surprise. x) I loved that stone, I thought that there was a kind of beauty in their unnecessarity. Glad it makes you happy. :3

  2. Me too… a little but well…and taking my time…
    … is it your soul lying on the green hill, or is it a dog?
    And the picture of the family is a movie in itself…
    My heart dove into almost each one of these, form beginning to end. It’s beautiful Francis, your sensitivity is very present, transported into each picture…
    Our countries are such different places… I’m happy that I get to see some parts of yours through your eyes…

    1. I know… I can relate when I see your photographs the time slow as snowflakes ^-^
      About the dog, well, I think I felt bonded to him, my wish made real in him/her. Although that makes me remember an angry and drunken lady yelling in our TV “all the men are dogs, dogs, dogs” xD
      Who knows, perhaps I could get to know yours with my eyes, and you could know mine with yours. In any case… you are always welcome, Caroline. Meanwhile a smile towards you. ^_^/

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