Face waiting to meet the wave

Face waiting to meet the wave


That element, standing in the middle right, seemed to me like a kind of head: stubborn in challenge the sea. A sunny morning entertained into ripping off gleams to the sea.


Ese elemento, en el medio a la derecha, me parecía como una especie de cabeza: terco en enfrentar al mar. Una mañana soleada que se entretiente arrancando destellos al mar.

8 thoughts on “Face waiting to meet the wave

    1. It’s from a bridge that connects to a circle house in a crag in the sea. It’s not my building. Those are works of the City Hall to repair the park there. I used to go there to eat while seeing the ocean. ^-^

    1. Haha, is because in the Southern Hemisphere we are in Summer, so when you the Northern people sees those birds actually that means the Summer is going to end here. :P

  1. ah, the light in your country… it’s so beautiful… thank you Francis for these dream images… you have a sensitivity that touches me, and I am grateful for it…

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