Today WordPress told me, with a notification, that I now have five years as a registered user. Funny thing is I never did it, it was Microsoft that gave up to our spaces and left us here. xD

I liked so much the vast blue waters and the contrast with the little golden shoe for some reason…


Supuestamente estoy en WordPress ya cinco años; lo chistoso es que yo nunca me registré aquí. .-. lel!

Me gustó mucho el azul del mar y el contraste con el zapatito dorado…

22 thoughts on “Checho

    1. Un gracias porque en tus palabras reencuentro la gentil amabilidad de los chilenos que conocí en mi viajé a Arica, y una sonrisa desde el norte que quisiera corresponder en su ruiseña felicidad a la tuya, Montserrat. : )

  1. And i could have stayed there, in that position, for a long time… looking at the water and the boats and the sky and the people moving around and the birds… listening to the wind and the flying souls…

    1. And the sun shining in your shoe, perhaps your interior sun. : ) It’s mesmerizing, I stay around there seeing the movement, the fishermen just being kings in that turquoise realm.

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