Divine eye

Divine eye


That old dinosaur skin hiding an eye burning with a young rancor, almost green. One thousand times beaten by the sea… it awaits for you when you’ll come into the dark. Happy weekend.


Esa vieja piel de dinosaurio escondiendo un ojo encendido por un rencor joven, casi verde. Mil veces golpeado por el mar… está a la espera de cuando vengas en obscuridad. Feliz fin de semana.

15 thoughts on “Divine eye

    1. Thank you, Gilles. Although I think with the shape of the world a line to the back is going to end in the starting point, an ellipse if I am not wrong.
      Greetings from the summer in the southern hemisphere. : )

    1. You would love that place, there is nobody there, just a few children running a moment to run to the near beach… and a beach made of sound of wind touching your face and making fly your hair, a warm sun; the rocks with brown, red and orange tones and the sea singing for you a lullaby older than us.

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