M&M – Misti and moon

orbiting a godforgotten planet

orbiting a god-forgotten planet…

Well, another Monday in the new world. There is a volcano with a pure shape called Misti. It’s a triangle, the Moon is a circle.

Today I want to show a register of a circle and its bond to a triangle. : )

moon volcano and afternoon

Moon, Volcano and afternoon

eye in the sky

Eye in the sky (published before)



Every time the moon appears is like it had an invisible bond or tie to the volcano. I adore when the shapes are pure, is like we could choose messages with capitals letters… a direct message without additional ornaments except its own beauty.


White moon

18 thoughts on “M&M – Misti and moon

  1. Superb shape association, Francis ! M&M was the short name of “the Moon on Monday”, a weekly single A4 piece of paper, with some of my cartoons and sometimes text as well … before blogs arrived !

  2. your city… and its cross… it is becoming some sort of a landmark for me… Am I right to think that it is the cross close to where you grew up, where your family home is?
    and those shapes, yes, I also find them very beautiful… alone and together…
    and those pictures are, as usual, quite special to me… and i have a “coup de coeur” for “the eye in the sky” picture, I don’t quite know why…

    1. This is other city at 2000 meters above the sea level where I have work. My family home is 1800 meters higher, touching the clouds ^-^
      “Eye in the sky”… I loved because it seemed the Moon loving so much the volcano that was crossing the clouds to see him… If that’s not love then I don’t know what it is. : )

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