Brushes (Portrait)



At last!  I was fighting against the internet to post the photograph of today. It’s so slow for some reason. :T

This is a portrait of the cat, the frame is not digital, is a black frame I made. The photograph was shot at twilight so the movement of the cat (they hardly stay still). I liked how it ended. :P


Grrr! Hoy el internet está terriblemente lento. *me agarro a cabezasos contra la pared* Este es un retrato del gato, el borde no es digital sino uno que yo hice a mano. ; )

Memories of Paucarpata

Rain of light over me

rain of light over me

I know I have not posted longer articles since a time. I am quite busy with my projects. But today I decided to give me a relax and to publish some photographs. These are from some years ago with a point and shoot of four megapixels in a place named Paucarpata.

Walking to another realm

walking to another realm

Paucarpata means “flowery platform” and it’s actually pre-hispanic farm platforms still in use. It’s located in Peru in one of the districts of Arequipa city. I walked with a friend philosopher when I was at university.

Stone by stone...

stone by stone

These barriers made with stone are called “pirka” you can found them in every farmland in the Peruvian highlands, in the deserts of the coast use vegetal fibers instead.

Two old pals talking

two old plas talking



I don’t know if they are related, but I liked so much the idea of family ties in the vast countryside.

A road to fantasy-land

a road to fantasy land



Remains of buildings, exposing the with volcanic rock as a kind of bones after the rain…

Watcher of the sky

watcher of the sky

Light painting softly the countryside

light painting softly the countryside

Seeing from the distance I think the fully automatic little camera did a good job. But that time I was getting closer to its limits…

A last try of warmness

a last try of warmness

And that was just a good time. It was one of the few times I walked with somebody else. Except the last year in July… And I think I can notice that my partners in crime get quickly impatient… I am not the kind of guy that just walk away and snap shots. I like so much to taste the place and see… and walk and get lost in it, even if I cannot get to discover it completely.

I prefer to know a little but well that know  everything but just superficially.

Thinking in a far past

thinking in a far past

delicate born of you and me

delicate borning of me and you

Hi honey, thanks for being my life ^-^ You are the sunrise I never expected to see in my night, this universe is meant just for us  :3

I spend the night dressing the stars with your name, and the day daydreaming with you. A heart haunted by the image of your eyes and your smile. Wishing a life of days writing together tales of us: a pirate and his moon; listening the music you create with your movements in the air, the dance of an angel with wings made with black roses.

My thoughts and my dreams blend sweet and softly in you, nicol-chan. ~w~


Hola amor, gracias por ser mi vida ^-^ Eres el amanecer que nunca creí que aparecería en mi noche, este universo está hecho para los dos. :3

Paso la noche vistiendo estrellas con tu nombre, y el día soñándote despierto. Un corazón hechizado con la imagen de tu sonrisa y tus ojos. Deseando una vida escribiendo juntos cuentos sobre nosotros: un pirata y su amada Luna; escuchando la música que creas con tus movimientos aéreos, la danza de un ángel con alas hechas de rosas negras.

Mis pensamientos y sueños se mezclan dulce y suavemente en ti, nicol-chan. ~w~

Sleeping ships

sleeping ships

Time to dream, darling. Blue dreams for us for the times to be together. I want so badly to be in your dreams as you are in mine… and meet us there in a second life.


Hora de soñar, a.n.c.z. Sueños azules para los dos por los tiempos en que seremos uno. Deseo tanto tanto estar en tus sueños como tú estás en los míos… y vernos en ese otro mundo.



Today the workers finished their work in the building, one I designed; now is time for windows and tiles and paint. But the crazy part is about the legal documents. I gave them photographs of them working (they asked for them) so I hope they have a nice memory.

We worked without safety measures, I say “we” because I had to do the same to see the construction; sometimes I had to help to build the beams, the slab and the electrical connections… I did it not for the customer but to get my design into the reality.


Hoy los trabajadores terminaron su labor en el edificio, uno de los que diseñé; ahora es tiempo para cristales, mayólicas y pintura. Pero la parte que me vuelve loco son los documentos legales. Les di fotografías de ellos trabajando (ellas me las pidieron) espero que sea un buen recuerdo para ellos.

Trabajamos sin medidas de seguridad. Digo “nosotros” porque trabajé en las mismas condiciones; a veces incluso ayudé a construir las vigas, la losa y las instalaciones eléctricas… No lo hice por el cliente sino más para que mi diseño fuese parte de la realidad.