Intersection of Moon and Volcano




This photograph was meant to be posted the Monday but I noticed it was another volcano, not the Misti, instead one called Pichu Pichu. So in honor of truth I decided to post it another day.


Iba a postear esta fotografía el lunes pero me percaté que este era otro volcán, no el Misti, sino uno llamado Pichu Pichu. Así que en aras de la verdad decidé publicarlo otro día.

13 thoughts on “Intersection of Moon and Volcano

    1. My volcanoes are humble and shy, fragglerocking. :D At least the ones I have visited.
      But there are some active but they are a bit hard to make a trip.

      1. We don’t know about the future, and I love the adventure. An active volcano certainly goes to the to-do list!!!! \o/

  1. So elegant.. the delicate contrast between the darkness and the brightness of the moon softly glowing onto the clouds.. Gentle radiance. :)

    1. I loved it so much… that mystery of the Moon drawing the profile of the volcano. I had to take a photograph of it, I could edited to light the shadows but mysteries have its beauty as well. ^_^

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