19 thoughts on “A point of red

    1. Haha, I think that as well. It was early in the morning when the body is just in movement to wake up. I loved so much that book when children. ☺

  1. Man in red and a red lantern :-)
    What an armada of fishing boats, Francis.
    Great Shot, Francis.
    Have a nice day,

    1. Those boats are always there, some come from the far North of the country. And a part is in the deep sea fishing.
      Thank you and nice day for you too, Ulli.

  2. “I love to listen to the stars at night. It is like listening to five hundred million little bells.. ” : ) I’ve come back to this interesting post of yours, Francis, because when I first read your words, I thought I might share with you part of my favourite quote from “The Little Prince” but I couldn’t find the time then. Thank you for reminding me of this magic tale, so poetic and full of wisdom. Have a wonderful week.

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