15 thoughts on “cross and moon

  1. Gorgeous shapes and such a dramatic photo! FlyTrapMan is posting lunar photos in his blog. May I send this amazing photograph to him to use in his blog and link it back to you, Francis? 🌛 🌛 🌙

  2. Blackish white, somehow cold, ..turned warm by the playful sunny smile of the moon sailing across the night skies. One can almost hear its.. graceful stroll. ^_^

    1. I don’t do so much black and white, Ulli. For some readon I don’t like it so much, but when I get one image I think looks nice I am hapoy D:
      Kind regards from far away,

      1. I know- your’s black and yellow :-)
        But sometimes the b/w-photography has a very special atmosphere.
        You did well :-)
        Have a nice day, Francis

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