27 thoughts on “Man in the distance

  1. why is black & white often more expressive to me ? Possibly because the eye has many more retinal rods than cones … but this explanation does not convince me ! Many thanks, Francis, and have a lovely day !

    1. It’s a boat made with the vegetation shown in the foreground. We call it totora. With that are made the artificial floating islands of Uros, the traditional boats and we can eat a bit of it as well. It doesn’t taste bad. : )

    1. He was just waiting for the moment when tourists could go to his ship. But inside his mind is hard to see, perhaps the infinity of the lake as a mirror of the fantastic sky, perhaps a joke from the newspaper. xD

  2. The black and white somehow gives the sensation of calm and warmth, almost like a long afternoon stroll along sunny paths. :) That sense of togetherness and, paradoxically, of much color and light. The “totora” in the foreground and the clouds in the distance give such a pleasant contrast, of closeness and remoteness at the same time. ^_^

    1. Some of the best things are implicit in the silences. I am happy you can feel colors in the silence of them, in the black and white limit. ^w^

  3. Oooh, the clouds look gorgeous in black and white! Um, don’t be mad, Francis, but I think he kinda looks like he’s peeing into the water… I mean look at his arms and his posture :D

    1. Haha! that would be epic X’D But I don’t think so. The tower is more or less in middle of the boat, not directly over the water, and it is in middle of the artificial islands, with people staring… In any case I remember he was waiting, and if not, I would feel quite angry because I think we have to care the nature. : )

    1. Yes, it is! Actually I publish the technical data as location, camera and details in the tags. But not! I appreciate to read and reply your comments. Thanks, Julie. n.n

    1. :O that’s so bad. I don’t complain because WordPress is free but sure I’d love to know that because I tag with intention to show useful data :-/
      In any case I am happy to explain, if you have any doubt. Thank you Julie. ^^

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