Island of light

island of light


Time ago my life was dark and suddenly I had a light in it. This light had the shape of a girl from the world of my dreams. She was my first relationship in the virtual world. I dislike to divide life in virtual and real, I think there is just one life. As she was from another country it was inevitable, but a happy time indeed, with real feelings.

She had some problems in her life, and said me good bye. Since that day I am posting images in black and white… I really cannot find a better way to express it, not in words as I have not a language (Spanish and English are both foreign to me) I am still with my plans, and I am enough man to accept that things like these happen. That’s life and if there is some bitterness I accept it because makes sweeter the nice moments.

My next post is going to be a return to colors. Let’s smile.

23 thoughts on “Island of light

  1. I am sorry to hear that, my friend.. really sorry… good things happen to good people.. and I am sure it will turn out alright… Take care, Francis…

    1. Thanks Tejaswi, but I don’t believe in good and bad people. There are congressmen that did terrible things, like being responsible to kill several people, but they are quite old and quite rich, I had a cat that just was so kind and even gave us food as we were his family but died horribly. I don’t believe in karma, or in a system that punish with heavens or hells. I am just a person, to some good and to others bad. I were happy and with that is enough actually. Thanks so much for your wishes Tejaswi. I am sorry if I sound a bit bitter, but that’s what I believe.

  2. You are right, of course it is a life, as real as any life to you. And the pain you feel is a real pain. Grab your camera and express yourself in your art! It has healing powers. Hugs!

  3. Real or virtual life, ..don’t think our soul can really make the difference. Bitter or sweet, pain or joy.. feelings can have the same intensity in both types of reality, and we experience them fully. Like a meaningful connection, beyond any kind of distinction, somehow. Maybe because the heart and spirit, unlike the mind, are beyond that distinction and into that.. connectedness. Francis, I wish lots of joy and happiness to you. And your beautiful soul!

      1. I’m so glad to hear that. Most of the time that’s what always stays in our heart, ..having felt that happiness. Thank you for your wishes. :)

    1. Thank you, Julie. It’s okay. If she is really following her heart and she is happy then I am happy for her, otherwise I’ll wait for her. Of course I’d love to be the one whose heart would be following but things seldom are what they seem.
      Have a nice week Julie. Thanks for your visit, and yes, now there is colour again n___n

  4. She may have left, but we’re still here, my darling friend. Big hugs to you, Francis. Thank you always for the beautiful photos and your warm spirit. 😘❤️

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