Thoughts about Instagram



I opened an Instagram account. It was so funny because a great person I follow wrote about her leaving Instagram. LOl! Of course you already know her but if there is a minimal possibility that not then you can enjoy her Instagram journey here.


Said that I think I don’t have the risks to fall in the dark corner she mentions. I opened my Instagram as a way to share with my ex (while in relationship) and we had a funny time together. Instagram even has a place to chat xP Amanda wished me joy in my new “filtered” life. I don’t see wrong in it, after all cameras are not designed to photograph feelings so Instagram get me close to them: I am not used by it, I use it.



If you have seen my blog previously you have seen these photographs in a certain way, but at the same time this is the first time you are seeing them because I am using the Instagram filters to get closer to what I feel and see : )



I love the square composition, it makes in a certain way things bigger, more classic perhaps.



Instagram is a faster way to see photographs and follow people and interests. WordPress is something you need usually two or three minutes. More when the publication is longer. But Instagram is quite direct and quickly to appreciate.



The photographs even usually has not a title. So it’s up to you to give to them a personal meaning.



The filters to me are a starting point, not every image has a filter applied and the ones that yes actually I try to use them with the goal to get a natural rendering.












And that’s all. To me Instagram is quite funny. In a way to rediscover my photographs, it’s something fast but at the same time those squares seems to be calmer…


38 thoughts on “Thoughts about Instagram

      1. It’s funny because from your point of view yes, but I born there, so I am instead walking down to the sea level xD
        But not every photograph in this post is about the land… So I was a bit confused about your initial comment.

  1. Well said Francis, I too am on IG , not often any more.. But while I worked it was very convenient for me to keep up with peeps , and to post and run:)!
    I was highlighted in many groups. It was fun. But I get board easily and if you don’t like back people lose interest in your pics. As it should be, but it just got harder and harder to keep up.
    Most of my contacts are on Flickr and fb too so, it really isn’t necessary for me to be on IG . I also used eye em as well, if your not on there, check it out. Bth , love the filters you’ve used on these shots.;)

    1. Actually I am not interested in the interest of people. I think if somebody wants to see then is going to see. I have no love for “like-seekers” so I am pretty happy there, I don’t care so much about popularity, just to have a fun time. I used social networks just for my former girlfriend so I am not using them much anymore. Eye em, I am going to search it. : )
      Thank you for your visit and compliments. ^_^

    1. Thank you, Kim. I am having fun in Instagram, mostly to review what I have done. Likes or an audience are not my priorities as I am not a professional photographer.
      Tumblr or Instagram I know your kind person is going to shine.

  2. Hey Francis .. Oh I love your work! The light is so good .. I’m with you, I’m not interested in gaining scores of followers, couldn’t care less. I just like sharing what I see! By the way I’m on Instagram Lol .. What is your address?

  3. Thank you for the mention 😉

    It looks like you know how to use an Instagram the right now… My goodness! Your photographs are stunning! I love the lightbulb (image 4) this one really stands out for me! In fact, it makes me want to dust off my camera and …dare I say it… Open a Instagram account again! (No Amanda… Just no!)

    You have a talent, my friend. Keep it up. :-)

    1. You are quite creative, I know you would do well. ^-^
      I think perhaps is the social part that ruined it for you. I use a mail account just for it so the program is not connecting me with “friends and family” so I reduce the social pressure.
      Thanks for your kind words and the visit. ^w^

    1. Don’t worry, autocorrect seems to be a kind of butler troll, I love it xD as a bad kid It used to activate particularly with customers and serious stuff. x_x

  4. Your photographs are stunning! The light bulb is my favorite, and of course the cat :). I have never been on Instagram, because of the lack of time. Don’t really miss it. Their filters are lovely though.
    Square compositions are great, I love them too, but I never forget that they came from medium format cameras, and if I want them to look right, I have to make some adjustments, which not always works out well.

    1. I’d love to have a bronica GS-1, although it’s not square but 6×7. Instagram don’t occupy much of my time, it’s so inmediate. Said that I am happy to see you in WordPress, so I can read more about the photographs and the story in them.
      Thanks for the compliments, Inese. I am glad you liked them.

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