51 thoughts on “Lupin

  1. Francis, I have just bought lavender seeds… in my effort to rebuild the destroyed garden etc.. But, unfortunately, not able to actually get out and do it. :) So at least I see the flowers here haha…

    1. I hope they encourage you to get a method to grow the seeds in your garden. I know it takes time, I need to do the same for the one I am caring.

      1. Luckily for me, a gardener came by just this morning to remove the weeds.. mostly dry straw, but the flower beds are completely destroyed. Lucky… my cousin is a landscape artist and the owner of a nursery-garden… so lucky, really..
        Lavender especially takes so much time to germinate.. But I am hoping this will grow.. the saddest thing when my garden was destroyed was a collection of spearmint… I love mint… that died.. All those flowers and shrubs, all gone.. It is utterly sad.. but let me see if I can get it back :)
        Thanks, Francis… gardens still grow, you know, even after a long period of aridity. Flowers still bloom, if nurtured carefully. No matter how bad the current garden, there is always hope. Sometimes old plants get rejuvenated, or sometimes, new flowers blossom if they are carefully nurtured. But, it requires care, constant and gentle. Those flowers that died, they died because we weren’t too careful. Sometimes, though, it is just the nature of the plant to die after a year. The annuals, for example. It is not as sad as you expect. Those flowers die for a reason – to give you seeds for the next year. Do you see what I mean?
        Take care, Francis :)

      2. I understand Tejaswi. Thank you.
        Certainly even the care of a garden can be a whole adventure. It seems yours has good allies. : )
        Take care, Tejaswi.

  2. This will be in 3 weeks to me. I love the lavender fields ! Unfortunately, it will be much too early to see them flowering and attracting bees. Many thanks for the compensation, Francis, though the smell did not go through the web, and a great day to you !

    1. Thank you, Gilles. They have a color I adore. I wish you beautiful French fields. Time flies, tomorrow is going to be time to see them.
      Great day to you as well, Gilles.

  3. in my garden and in fields, in France, it’s not the same lavender flower as you have, francis
    but your flower is so beautiful! wahhhh! ;-)

    1. Perhaps I am wrong about the name dear malyloup, I named it that way because it seems similar but I’ve never seen the ones in Europe. I shot it at 3800 meters of altitude, thanks for appreciate the beauty of it ^-^

    1. Oh, it’s in the countryside, I’d love to have one. Bees for honey? I think I saw it in your blog, did I? I am trying to search the memory.

  4. I love blue flowers 🙂
    This flower is a typical wildflower in Germany. We call it lupin or garden-lupin.
    Thank you for a wonderful Springtime-greeting, Francis

    1. Yes, it’s a wildflower here as well. I’ll try to reach somebody with knowledge, it could be a native species or a foreign one. Actually this was shot in summer while you were in winter. ^^
      Kind regards,

      1. Oh, Francis. It’s not so important what flower it is. It’s a wonderful photo 😊
        Best wishes

      2. I know, is just to be responsible to the readers n_n it would be terrible if somebody could use wrong data in search of information.
        Best wishes,

      3. Thanks very much, Ulli for your effort for the knowledge. I am editing it right now. ^-^
        Thanks for a great day,

    1. Thank you Inese. I have to admit I don’t know very well about flowers names… I think I am qute wrong in the name of this one and it could be the name you say. I’ll change when I get more data to correct or confirm it. ^-^

    1. Fortunately there are good friends that can help me with names. I was thinking in you as well, Julie. You know so much about flowers and vegetation and how to care its beauty.
      Now I know something for sure. Thank you. ^_^/

    1. Our minds are such that find beauty in everything. Once I saw a documental (and I believe in it because it’s truth) that even if the planet were just one of mud we would find beauty in it.

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