13 thoughts on “A welcome shadow

  1. Shades from trees are such a welcome relief from the harsh sun. Lovely shadow you captured, Francis, as well as the amazing colors surrounding it! ⍟ ❥ ツ ღ ☻

    1. Now that I think yours is a happy world in daylight. I noticed that, some SL stories are sometimes in noir mood, others exclusively at night, some are full of fantasy. Yours is happy. : )

      1. Not necessarily my mood Francis actually! as a blogger designers want their clothing depicted almost as in a vendor (advertising) way. I try to compromise in between providing atmosphere but keeping the clothing true to life. I think it´s amazing that you notice that. Bless you! :D

      2. Good point, the clothes need good light. I admire and follow a few SL persons that publish in blogs their creations, of course you. Mostly I notice it’s about advertisement (clothes, tatoos, skinks as weel I think) and I see there aren’t commentaries. I am so glad to be able to comment in yours. I am looking forward to knowing you better ^o^

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