The ocean in flames (serene)

the ocean in flames serene

A normal day in another planet. It has to be one where their days are shades of orange and red, and their sunsets an intense blue, with fishermen in their boats coming back again before our shared darkness of stars.

26 thoughts on “The ocean in flames (serene)

    1. Thank you, Sylvie. Actually this is two stitched photographs. As the tree was so big I photographed quickly to lower half and the upside and jointed them in my laptop.

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo with a milder atmosphere than this. :) The calm yellow sunrise seems to be melting everything around, softening the black velvet of the night. Such nice places you have there, Francis, cozy and warm. Not to mention the lovely poem in prose, your words.

    1. Thank you, then you would love Ilo city. I try my best to convey the magic atmosphere and you would do marvels with your words and you camera. : )

    1. Thank you, Julie. ^_^ I saw the sunsets in your place of the world are quite beautiful as well. Your golden sunset in the sea is breathtakin. : )

      1. Yes. That precisely. I saw it with calm and I liked it so much. It’s so spectacular… a haunting image I save in my mind. ☺

      1. The Earth is so beautiful… I remember reading a long time ago about a world that the writer considered more beautiful than Earth – some sort of fiction or astral traveling storyteller – and even though he described it as eversparkling and wanted to make us feel and think that it was more beautiful than here, that we should aim at “being there”, I never felt for even a single second that it could be more beautiful than this planet… it is ours, after all.

      2. Sounds interesting, I think it would be inevitable when we will travel the stars to shape the planets at the image of the Earth. But even if that’s not possible I think we would change our mind to say that Earth is the most beautiful place to say that our Solar System is the most beautiful place, as it happened when humans moved from one continent to others.
        Think in your ancestors… in the far France, centuries ago they would say to the chronicles from settlements in America that no place could be beautier than France but you are there in Montreal and you love it, its mountain, the warm seasons there, as I told you once I feel in you a love of native, that when you feel you are bonded as one with the place you love.

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