Sleeping Stones in the Orange Ocean of the blue boats

Sleeping Stones in the Orange Ocean of the blue boats

I wonder if the scene my eyes saw, this sunset, were the same as others have seen since thousands of years ago. Ilo has remains since centuries and centuries ago, old traditions of fleets of boats and sailors and fishermen, an Inca travelling to the Antarctic sea and coming back from the islands in perhaps the Polynesia. But always the boats, with different shapes, but always there.

19 thoughts on “Sleeping Stones in the Orange Ocean of the blue boats

    1. Thank you, James. I am still fighting with time to get a few to process my film photographs. I was thinking in that with your visit. Take care.

  1. I understand your questions, my friend…

    By the way, I am having problems “blowing up” a few of your pictures tonight, like this one and a few others on earlier posts… Is it on my end?

    1. Caroline : )
      I was waiting until you had your time, to don’t get you busy with notifications… Every picture is showing up in my screen. It is possible a failure in the speed of your conection because my photographs are not even uploaded to WordPress but are little links to my Flickr account. In any case I am sorry you couldn’t see it -_-

  2. Super photo Francis! I like rummaging through your blog! It seems to be a treasure coffer!
    Now latest football news:
    UEFA Champions League semifinals, first round: Manchester City-Real Madrid 0-0, Atletico Madrid-Bayern Munchen 1-0
    UEFA League semifinals, first round: Sahtior Donetk-F.C. Sevilla 2-2, Villareal-F.C. Liverpool 1-0
    Great show and a terrible accident in Sahtior-Sevilla!
    Bayern in great danger!
    Villareal, victory in min. 94!
    Real without Ronaldo (injured) = 0(-0)!

    1. Thank you, Dan. Thanks for the visit : )
      Oh, I was hoping the Manchester would win, I prefer the Barça more than the Madrid xD
      Seems they are thight matches. I am going to google what happened with the Shatior-Sevilla match :S
      Always happy when there are matches. (y)

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