Where are our lands?

I saw this photograph but it wasn’t feel as I saw it so I applied one of those free filters of Flickr. Some adjustements more and I think it express better the trip. This is a girl from my own race and culture, but in a touristic place… So she is using a party dress in a normal one.

I feel fortunate to have grown up in my native town, focused in commerce and not tourism; in the latter I would asking you “one dollar” and that would be my only English and I would using clothes with bright colors just because, you know, tourists want something authentic. :S


21 thoughts on “Where are our lands?

    1. Tourists mostly are not atracted by real authenticity. Usually they write how “the modern life” has ruined the people. Usually is an unconscious worship of poverty.

  1. oh i love to see locals in their garb.i also like to eat their food too :)
    beautiful colors Francis.. u know i never use flickr’s filters.
    have a great week

    1. That’s a complicated issue, because in our modern world we also use jeans and eat sometimes a pizza. In Scotland for example I couldn’t ask people to use only kilts. I am afraid that is impossible to use only local traditions without being attached to a strict religion (as do Quakers, some Muslims or Indian cultures)
      Thank you for the compliments, I knew you process your photographs to get your colors (I think perhas HDR?) but I was sure it wasn’t the Flickr ones, they are very limited. ^-^
      Great week ahead, as well. : )

  2. The water has a nice color. Those fine ripples near the boat.. seem to be painted. And the girl looks a little bit.. sad? Or maybe tired. Well, yes, tourism does have its minuses, tourists sometimes overlooking the ..genuineness of a place and its people in search for the.. spectacular (as you said bright colors and striking features.. hm, too bad, when there’s so much beauty in things ..as they are). This post of yours is really suggestive, when you come to think of it. :) Photo and message.

    1. I loved that too! It would be a wonderful register of your time here. But also I am happy because that means you had a funny trip and no moment to take pictures. ^_^

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