32 thoughts on “Noche carmesí

    1. Hi, Rose. No, those are the colors of the illumination (It’s the old type) reflecting in the cloudy night. It’s a kind of fog we call “camanchaca”. : )

  1. Some of your photos, Francis.. sometimes, they’re almost like.. gems. : ) How can I put this ..all the color and light that shines through from the image.. warm and sparkling, like from a gemstone. ^-^ I remember that photo of the lavander flower gave me the same feeling. And here.. the crimson, as you said, or even ..siam, I think, when it’s reddish …it’s just mesmerizing. : )

    1. Thank you, Nicol : ) it’s the light of the sea fog of the North or Atacama desert from the North of Chile to the South of the Peruvian coast. It’s almost magic beacuse it moves so fast, the fog like a creature traveling the night. I am glad you liked it. ^-^

      1. In fact, it’s the whole combination, sky, as the backdrop, and its.. crimson creature : ) ..then the city lights, the rocks and the water.. giving that fleeting sensation of a few seconds seized, like a freeze-frame in a fine movie. But, although fleeting, it stays.. imprinted in one’s thoughts. ^^

      2. I guess the whole photograph is an exotic portrait for the visitors from other countries of something normal for us. I am a bit surprised of the comments. : D

      1. I have been in holiday cities, and most of them were safe. All the local life depends on tourists, and it is why even the mafia keeps them safe :)

      2. Oh, this is not a holiday city. It’s one of miners and fishermen. I have only seen six tourists perhaps. I go also just for work, and see the sea is my way to relax a bit.

      3. Not totally, it doesn’t matter how much work one have still is important and healthy to mess around. Otherwise it would be a sad life without joy.

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