Lord of the fields


Lord of the fields

In some way I think in a baseball player, running from one… basement? to the other. I don’t know the baseball rules.

It was time to harvest I think, around here, Cocachacra, the farmers sell sugar and watermelons in the highway to the travelers and some kilometers ahead in a little town next to a river they sell shrimp pancakes. I see this scene with a bit of sadness, but it wasn’t there when I took the photograph. Actually the countryside looked quite happy that time.

23 thoughts on “Lord of the fields

    1. Merci pour tes mots Sylvie ^_^ And honored for the memory. Van Gogh has bucolic themes, and with his sometimes harsh brushes I understand the relation with the texture of the vegetables.

    1. Yes, in the countryside they are always or totally busy or tatally free. But I see them always staying calm (except with stranges near their lands)

  1. Hey Francis … some photos are so moving aren’t they? I understand what you mean – it is still a great image though. He is a hard worker isn’t he? And yes, Lord of the Fields

    1. Hi Julie : ) Yes, people in the countryside work so hard. When I see your farm I can barely imagine the ammount of work you make, and with a such a beautiful result I have to say. ^_^

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