Literal piece of heaven

Literal piece of heaven

I love the twilight sky… it has tones from a warm purple blended gradually with a fresh blue. It has a certain silence, as if the day would holding the breath before the night; when the latter comes then again the life starts to breath again with the artificial lights turning on here and there.

Follow for Follow

There are a kind of bloggers I don’t understand, they just follow my blog and that’s all. They never appear again or make a comment or press the┬álike button to prove they are there. But, I always review the visitors blogs; there was one in special I remember… he wrote about a cycle: he follows somebody and then this person follows him; this person click the like button and he do the same. He just followed me but never appeared, not every blogger likes comments so I am careful in that. I commented and told him that I follow somebody because I think it is interesting what he/she posts, I don’t do it for a follow; if I press the like button is because I liked it, not because I want a “like” in change, as I did with him despite he never came. Certainly I have not done efforts to make popular my blog. In the end it seemed that he was that kind of blogger that posts because needs popularity, not because he just feels the need to write, compose, draw, etcetera for an inner impulse. I unfollowed him. Those “follow for follow”… I don’t understand them. In the times this was a private Microsoft space I wrote just because, and I still do it.