Literal piece of heaven

Literal piece of heaven

I love the twilight sky… it has tones from a warm purple blended gradually with a fresh blue. It has a certain silence, as if the day would holding the breath before the night; when the latter comes then again the life starts to breath again with the artificial lights turning on here and there.

Follow for Follow

There are a kind of bloggers I don’t understand, they just follow my blog and that’s all. They never appear again or make a comment or press the like button to prove they are there. But, I always review the visitors blogs; there was one in special I remember… he wrote about a cycle: he follows somebody and then this person follows him; this person click the like button and he do the same. He just followed me but never appeared, not every blogger likes comments so I am careful in that. I commented and told him that I follow somebody because I think it is interesting what he/she posts, I don’t do it for a follow; if I press the like button is because I liked it, not because I want a “like” in change, as I did with him despite he never came. Certainly I have not done efforts to make popular my blog. In the end it seemed that he was that kind of blogger that posts because needs popularity, not because he just feels the need to write, compose, draw, etcetera for an inner impulse. I unfollowed him. Those “follow for follow”… I don’t understand them. In the times this was a private Microsoft space I wrote just because, and I still do it.

22 thoughts on “Literal piece of heaven

  1. Francis, I am happy to see people regularly coming to my blog. They are about a tenth of the so called “followers”. It has also happened that I get a number of “like” and countries connected but just one visit. Lately, I got a number of “like” which and followers who have obviously nothing in common with my blog. Though this is an embarrassment, I try to ignore these meaningless WordPress figures. Have a lovely day and keep it a smile !

    1. You are right Gilles, those are meaningless figures. I am grateful for the visitor that finds something akin to him/her. Perhaps the thought comes also for a friend that published bur for a mistake of the WordPress server his photograph couldn’t show. Despite that he received at least eleven likes, they were just automatic clicks.
      About your followers with nothing in common, I guess the most of them likes your cartoons, what I publish certainly has much in common with your work but I enjoy it. : )
      Happy weekend Gilles, thank you!

  2. I liked your description of the twilight.. it really feels like that, ..the day holding her breath for a few minutes, before life starts again, among night lights.. Nice image ..the world breathing silently. : )

  3. Cool twilight, I thought it was a TV to start with. I have 300 ‘followers’ I never see, unless they leave a comment I don’t even go to their blog as I know they are just trawling.

    1. Actually I go to people that follow me but never drop a visit or even those that doesn’t follow me. My problem is just with that that are with those that expect a mechanic “follow 4 follow” without reading your space.
      About the photograph, well, it’s a mask with black paped I did to the lens. It was cool, I think I could make one in square shape. ^^

  4. Just continue doing what you love, Francis. I, too, get followers who disappear and are never heard from again. Oh, well. That’s just how things are. You’re one of the few blogs I love to visit, and I know you have other readers who enjoy your posts very much. 😘

  5. I’m sorry Francis. I normally don’t ship to South America. Next time, I can make an exception if you let me know beforehand. Thank you for trying, though :) xo

  6. Yes this is very strange but like you, I don’t care and I won’t do that, this is not the point of my blog. For example I follow less than 100 blogs but I have 1700 followers. How could you possibly follow so many people anyway… this is stupid. Even 100 is way too much :p

    Don’t think too much about them and let them be ;-)

    1. That’s a good advice that I will follow, I agree in one hundred (giving to them the time and required attention) is a big effort. Hoping everything is right there. : )

      1. Hi, Gin. ^w^ It’s okay, I am sure you are the main character in a Guy Ritchie movie. I am afraid that I understand you. Time is just a luxury i seem to don’t have. For that a really, but really, appreciate your visit.
        Take care so much, greetings from a friend that is happy to see you. : )

      2. I know, it seems that you are always travelling from places to places for work and never rest. You have to try to take some time for yourself as well, and appreciate the wonderful nature and the surroundings. You live in a such beautiful country :-)

      3. I’ll try. But it’s a bit hard in my country and with the speciality I choose, design doesn’t give me so much time or money. So each photograph taken here are in a little pause in middle of work. I think things are going to change. n_n

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