Watchers in the garden

watchers in the garden


The tall trees in Ilo city. The treetops change across the day, the sea birds live there so leaves and feathers mix to shape winged trees singing sharp sailor songs. ^o^

(But don’t search for them in this photograph, usually they are in the mornings)

17 thoughts on “Watchers in the garden

  1. Lol. I’d love to hear the trees singing sailor songs. What a charming image of feathers and leaves making up the treetops! πŸ‚πŸƒπŸπŸŒ³

  2. If people can walk, even jog, along that ..pavement, or seafront, and breathe in the sea breeze.. then, perfect place, perfect mornings. : ) Everything looks.. velvety, I love those little red flowers adding an Impressionist brush. ^_^

    1. Public gardes are a Peruvia hobby : ) So many of them are sponsored by business so they shape their logos. Foreigners say that doesn’t exist in their countries xD
      People use to rest in the grass and see the sunsets or some picnics, is very fun ^_^

      1. That sounds lovely, sitting on the grass, watching the sunset.. And it’s true, we don’t have those public gardens here, not like that, no. Just the green areas near forests or lakes. In the city we have pedestrian alleys, not too much grass, mostly benches and floral ornaments. : ) Still, good places for photos, on a sunny day. ^-^

      2. And better places to talk or just see : ) As a rule I just take the fewest number of photographs and after that I just walk or sit to see ^^

    1. You are invited to see them, you can lay in the grass : )
      Some hours ago I dreamt with you… you were commenting but for some reason you had changed your nick to “5ments” it was supposed to be in French but it’s not. It’s a game of words because five in Spanish is pronounced like “without co” so your nick was read as “without comments” as the politicians when they don’t want to declare to the press. xD

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