The night of the human moths

Tears in fire

Tears in fire TTTnTTT

There are a race of hunters interested in human beings, to chase them they take advantage of the fascination for light of our species. Hidden I got to see their work.

Placing the bait
Elemental castles

elemental castles

They prepare their traps at day, with lines they erect temporal structures.

Cubes, lines and a star of six points

cubes, lines and a star of six points

Song of fire

And at night they fire them, to gather and harvest the human moths.

Fury in Fire

fury in fire

I can barely bear the vision of the light… so haunting, so spectacular…

Electrical garden

electrical garden

A red flower that exists for around a heartbeat to vanish into the black without stars.

Two stars

two stars


blooming flower

A burning temple

a burning temple

Heart of the night

heart of the night

Rock star

rock star

Lord of Smoke

lord of smoke



"Welcome to hell" said the devil

“welcome to hell” said the devil

Grand Finale

grand finale

End of the night

And the lights starts to vanish. The hunters are going to harvest the mesmerized crowd.

Magic world, ask a wish

magic world, make a wish

32 thoughts on “The night of the human moths

  1. In “heart of the night”, i see his face, his mustach, his arms, in fact, i see his whole body …amazing giant with a burning heart… The title could be “heart of the knight “…

  2. I rushed through your post, engrossed in your “story” of ..hunters and moths and harvest and.. vision. And then I had to go back up ..through it again, to admire the photos. : ) Electrical brightness.. Fascinating! The first one, Tears in fire.. I wondered how come the “moths” are.. allowed that close?! :))

      1. I remember that I asked before if there was something similar in Romania. It seems safety laws couldn’t allow something similar…

      2. Again, I’m not sure, but I think.. yes, it may be that some of the fire safety rules here are strict. Too strict, if you ask me. : ) Maybe almost ..killjoy kind of measures. You can no longer fully enjoy such splendid events.

      3. I see… fortunately here there aren’t accidents. The masters are quite professional, even there is not a safety cordon but people takes the distance… But we are people quite… risky? it couldn’t happen in neighbours countries as Chile or Brazil I think.

      4. Risky.. and more responsible, maybe. Wiser, even. Both the masters and the.. moths. ^^ Because, if everyone takes good care, not to get too close or something, everything should go well, right? All those safety precautions can be a little far-fetched, as I said. Something like.. better safe than sorry. I happen to like the traditional side, the more natural aspect of such traditions.. risky as it may be. : )

      5. I think it is a Peruvian issue. For example in the sea, when there are seaquakes there is a lot of people that instead of go to higher places prefer to see in the shores… several that build homes near ravines and… well people that see the fireworks quite close… :T

      6. …well, close to nature, and nature’s whims. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe Peruvians just like living life.. on the edge. n_n

      7. I am afraid that not. After they have accidents they are crying on TV for help. I think if you do something risky by your choice then you have to accept the consequences of your actions.

      8. That’s also true, on the other hand. :) We’re free to make our own choices, but we’re not free from the their consequences, of course. But then again, it depends. It sounded so serious, though ..but also somehow funny …crying on tv for help, I can only imagine. :( You see, that’s something that we too have here, people who don’t go by the rule and then.. “cry on tv for help.” n_n

      9. Hehe, those people are everywhere. xP
        Peru is a bit a nobody’s land. For example I am not sure if that neighborhood where the party was made asked permission to the city hall to use and occupy the street. Probably not, much less permit of the organism that cares about the safety of the spectacle. In case of accident the people in the front stil would be trying to get revenge in the crafters of the fireworks…
        Thank you Nicol ^-^

  3. Wonderful light show! If you do something similar in Europe, is risk to be interpreted as an act of “terrorism” and you get a few bullets as gift! :D
    Europe no longer knows how to enjoy, dear Francis!

    1. Hmmm, looks like we need more people to go to Europe. Invasion of joy. xD
      Bullets… I hope not, a danger more to the joy is to freedom I guess.
      Some reader from Germany usually found my street photography disturbing (and it’s illegal in her country) but from the Peruvian point of view the argument seems dictatorial, against the freedom in public spaces. And quite contradictory, I used to see news from a German channel (Deutschewelle I think it was called) and it was with plenty of images of bystanders. Perhaps that TV channel is closed now. Lol.

      1. Europe is no longer free! Here everything is governed by restrictive laws! Imagine that Romania has implemented a European law, which regulates how many dogs are allowed to have, in a sheepfold!? Even the air that we breathe, has legal norms. You do not imagine what the amend would be paid to anyone who would make so much smoke, in Bucharest, as in your fire show! Europe is an performant economic machine, which must be tightly controlled to be better exploited. It is true that we have a high standard of living, but the price is our basic freedom! By how I managed to know you, I think you would not like to live in present Europe!

      2. That is what I am thinking, Europe seems to have a style of life quite different to what we take for granted here… But I still would love to visit it. : )

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