Stitching experiment

Today was a busy day, and it seems is going to be a busy night…

This is a stitched photograph but the program I used to stitch, Microsoft ICE, filled the absent gaps in this way… for some reason I like it. It’s not a photography as it doesn’t represent what was in the reality, but I like the movement and dynamism of the composition so I’d say is a happy accident.

19 thoughts on “Stitching experiment

  1. It seems to have a stylish postmodern touch. Fractured but fluid stitching adventure, almost saying ..well, it’s all ..uphill from here. : )

    1. Thank you, but not, I had little choice, it was the result of the program algorithms . I have to buy a coffee to Microsoft engineers for the work xP

    1. Thank you Rose but I had so little control over the output. This is more about the automatic algorithms of the Microsoft stitching software unu

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