Vacas pardas

vacas pardas


I was travelling between the cities of Juliaca and Puno and I saw these brown cows, okay, brown with white. I think that was the first time I saw ones of those variety. I took the photograph from the moving bus, I’d love to just ambling around the highway. But in this country were nobody does anything without a functional reason I think (as it happened before) I would draw the attention. People with faces like this ————-> :O and me with a face like this ————–>xD

22 thoughts on “Vacas pardas

      1. I used to saw cows in the annual fairy in my city, as a five years old kid to me they were so giant and freightening, like wild beasts. Not as the alpacas and llamas xP

      2. I once got surrounded by escaped cows in a car park, had to jump in my car quickly, they are really scary close up. Still special though 🐂

  1. “..rambling around the highway”, along the road like that, ..could make you feel free, in spite of people’s faces. :O That would be something.. memorable, I think. Funny, too, if you ask me. ^-^ Despite any functional reason, ..more nice shots of the brown cows. : )

    1. Thank you Nicol n___n although I used the word “ambling” unu, I thought it was better suited to what I want to do when I walk, just free and relaxed… and slow.
      In my country not many people do things just for fun, for some reason everybody needs an excuse to have fun or just be happy. :-)

      1. Just walking casually and slowly, you’re right.. “ambling” is a little different from “rambling.” Thank you, Francis. n_n
        You’re also right about that feeling that sometimes, some people give us, ..of having to find a serious reason or excuse to have fun, as if we can’t be happy and enjoy life just for the sake of it. :) In fact, I think maybe ..”learning how” to be happy should be taught in schools. Separate subject, I mean. ^_^ I suppose only then could we hope to have.. peace and quiet on Earth. :))

      1. Worldwide famous, a neighbor traveled to there to learn and if I am not wrong to bring cows, his is the best cheese in the whole region ☺

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