Find the princess

find the princess


A heavy day… I almost didn’t sleep to finish a project, after that I went to pick up a jeans and a correction of my glasses but I had to cross marches of protesters for the right of life (they are Catholics) there was Mickey Mouse selling balloons but he was tired for the heat of the desert as well. When I get to the places one was closed and the other, the tailor lady, told me to come back please the Monday. Of course I understand that things happen so I went to lunch. I called another customer to take measures of his property so I had to take a bus to almost the border of the city, where you walk in streets without asphalt and the trucks are passing almost touching you, and where the markets still sell old food.

I walked a bit and went to another market to buy cheese and apples, and a kind of bread I like so much, after that in home to make my work-out and finally time to publish in WordPress. :D

Can you spot the nereid princess? ;-)

23 thoughts on “Find the princess

  1. Your.. yesterday sounded like a lot of.. meandering that you had to do, really busy, indeed. As for the princess there, it’s cute.. : ) Nice contrast between the shiny little mermaid and the sturdy grey stone. But what I like the most is the way the sun dresses the rocks ..and those foamy waves, purplish hue even, if I’m not wrong. So pleasing to the eye. ^^

    1. Happy travel, Rose. I hope good things await for you in your destination, no, that sounds like “Final destination” xP in the place you are going to visit. ; )

  2. i can’t see a princess… but I see a wise old woman…
    she’s about a third of the way down from the top of the picture.. and a bit more than a third of the way starting from the left…
    she’s looking at us and listening to the rock at the same time… she’s very neat…

    1. Can you believe I had to blow it up and blow it up many times before seeing the princess….? I was searching in the shapes of the rocks… not a little yellow princess…!
      But say, Francis, did you see the wise woman listening to the rock? She is so touching… I wish you could see her…

      1. Thank you Caroline. I am afraid perhaps we don’t see the same. I see so many faces… and every person would see so many diferents shapes. Some will coincide in reference to the closeness they feel or the common stories and sensibilities.
        I see this: particularly I see a blind person screaming with fear.

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