Cloud vanishing in the wind

cloud vanishing in the wind

There are┬ásometimes moments when even friendships can end without notice. I think the worst attitude that can break in me the idea of friendship is selfishness, egoism… when the other person think that one or the rest is there to justify their existence without giving nothing in exchange. I know latinos have different thoughts, but as Aymara in our culture the correspondence is a basic principle.

I was thinking about it because I see some persons with which I have just promises to be with them when they need me, or a routine to visit them. But is evident that the more we know another person the more we know the true self of the others, and that’s well. I am not perfect and don’t ask for perfection neither, but when I notice the other person focused in him/herself I feel it’s enough. Even friendships can vanish in the wind.


I remember the cloud vanishing in the afternoon quite fast… an ephemeral art erased by an invisible hand in the blue sky.