Cloud vanishing in the wind

cloud vanishing in the wind

There are sometimes moments when even friendships can end without notice. I think the worst attitude that can break in me the idea of friendship is selfishness, egoism… when the other person think that one or the rest is there to justify their existence without giving nothing in exchange. I know latinos have different thoughts, but as Aymara in our culture the correspondence is a basic principle.

I was thinking about it because I see some persons with which I have just promises to be with them when they need me, or a routine to visit them. But is evident that the more we know another person the more we know the true self of the others, and that’s well. I am not perfect and don’t ask for perfection neither, but when I notice the other person focused in him/herself I feel it’s enough. Even friendships can vanish in the wind.


I remember the cloud vanishing in the afternoon quite fast… an ephemeral art erased by an invisible hand in the blue sky.

20 thoughts on “Cloud vanishing in the wind

  1. Friendship means much patience and communication, open and free, both ways, so clear to the point in which one knows and cares about the other exactly the same as for himself or herself, if not even more sometimes, making sure to understand details and silences. Like in a family. Also, true and deep friendships take time to grow, like a tree, they have their ups and downs, like the seasons, and can never vanish in the wind as they are not like the clouds, they are the sky and the sun in it, always there. You are right, if they are like the clouds, they were never friendships. Important topic, Francis, so important and complex.

    1. Exactly… I think friendships are bonds not dictated by us but by the time. It decides if it was just a meeting or if it’s a true bond. A smile toward you, Nicol ^_^

      1. You see, by saying ..true bond you somehow covered so well what I had said above in so many words. : ) A big smile going your way, too, Francis. Thank you. ^-^

    1. Those are the tops of buildings, indeed it was shot from a building whose plans (although almost not my design) was being built. The name is of a company or a school, in Peru in the hills is tradition of people to write with rocks names of their institutions. I can’t remember if that is done as well in Chile and Bolivia, but in Peru is pretty extendend.

  2. I’m sorry for your broken friendship, Francis! Sometimes some decisions we make are the wisest even if they’re also difficult to make.

    Your photograph and last paragraph are lovely! I wish you happiness. xo

  3. People can be so disappointing Francis. My dear Mum used to say ‘don’t expect so much of people then you won’t be disappointed’ .. True but so very hard to do. Beautiful image .. Thinking of you.

    1. Hi Julie. Hoping everything is well in the other corner of our ocean ^_^
      I think time shows how really we are, not mean good or bad but sometimes just we don’t match and that’s good as well.
      Take care so much, I am thinking of you as well, happy to see you ^_^

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