Pichu Pichu

behind the mountain a borning fire

behind the mountain a fire borns

Seven peaks shape the extinct volcano named Pichu Pichu. Allegedly the name means “Group of Peaks” It is located near Arequipa city in the Peruvian south. The highest peak is at 5664 meters above sea level (18,356 ft), the height is not much (the city is at 2335 meters/7661 ft)  With centuries of history.


As it is toward the East I like to photograph it at morning, in the few times I can wake up so early xP

cold dawn

orange clouds

warm sunrise

warm sunrise

ethereal fire

ethereal fire

cold dawn

cold dawn

cumbres de luz

peaks of light

sculpture of unknown creature

sculpture of unknown creature

Other point of view

From the national park behind it looks like this:

Long shadows

long shadows


Once I climbed up it. It was with the first camera I had… without memory I had just take twelve photographs, from those twelve just three survived the crash of my hard disk. So here I have a lot of memories, but just three photographs :D

A kiss in your forehand

a kiss in your forehead

Heads seeing the deep blue...

heads seeing the deep blue

King of the mountain

king of the mountain

Actually the mountain is an old place, quite old… there are mummies and in one of the seven peaks with an Incan platform. We went to a peak where there is a metallic cross. I am doing something I never did before in my blog and is to post a photograph that wasn’t taken by me. It was taken by one of the climbers, I have not his name but thanks and credit to him (we shared among everybody the photos we took) I am the one in the front in white, the others had jackets… me not, because I am from the highlands, actually I feel so much heat in the coast! (I edited the white balance and exposure of the photograph to show it with more clarity) In the background is the volcano Misti.


And that’s all. A mountain with my memories, one that I have climbed to the peak, I am the one of white clothes : )

24 thoughts on “Pichu Pichu

  1. Wonderful post, Francis, beautiful combination, information and memories, the way you blended them.. perfect. And I just couldn’t take my eyes off the pictures, the dawn and the sunrise.. the afternoon clouds, really ethereal. The one from the national park.. crisp but warm colors, I mean, such a lovely place you have there. Beautiful scenery! The lofty rocks look impressive, it must have been a gorgeous unique feeling to be up there, closer to the.. deep blue. I’m also thinking.. seven, a magical number, so nice! Thank you, Francis, for such a splendid post. ^_^

    1. Seven was a special number as it was the highest level of symmetries in our old cultures : )
      Yes, upside feels like home, the temperature and the clarity… a haunting feeling. You’re always welcome Nicol, thanks for your words and happy you liked it. ^_^

      1. You’re welcome, Francis. ^^ The highest level of symmetries.. sounds so elegant. Interesting, too, you sparked my interest in that. : ) I wonder if it is technically speaking or spiritually, or both in fact.
        As for the feeling that you experienced at that height, I can only begin to imagine how memorable it must have been, like being.. on top of the world. I’m happy for you to have experienced that. ^-^

      2. It’s a bit complex. It would need a post for another day with drawings : ) It is perhaps a bit like a way to explain the order in universe so it affects technically or spiritually.
        Thank you ^_^ I feel you can experience the same in certain ways in your garden, and perhaps in one of your travels. : )

  2. The colours in the sunrises are lovely, what a beautiful place. It is a shame your hard drive ate your photos but good memories are even better to have. 😊

    1. Yes… a pity, along the road I saw special vegetation, wild animals… and the intense and unlimited blue. Although the next day I felt it in my legs :D

  3. Me too fragglerocking but she had few time after her return to her home. And even worse, to be honest, she decided to stop communication with me. I drop to her blog but there is no activity… Have you tried with the data of contact, in the times she wrote a comment in your blog, the notification in your mail indicates the mail with which she is registered… I hope it can be helpful. :T

      1. Oh well, yes relief, but saddened to be abandoned without word. I guess that’s the nature of web friendships, they are just virtual in the end. 🙁

      2. Not always is so simple dear lady. I think she felt a uncomfortable with some things happening in my life and even more I am afraid because my presence in your blogs she felt refrained to visit the blogs she followed (I hope not).
        I found one friend, and we were friends and as always I was honest, and she felt that it was a faster bond of friendship than with her (it was not the case) and I published it around new year’s day. And that was all… vanished as a cloud by the wind (I was thinking in her as well when I wrote about that) and I am so sorry that she is not present. Still I’d prefer to think that it was due lack of time as before that she was almost not publishing.
        I think any frienship, web or physical have that risk… is just that we are not so exposed in physical but who knows. I am so sorry fragglerocking. At least I think I have lost just few friends, both physicall and in the web as you can see in my time with you.

  4. What an amazing experience, Francis! Mountains are not for everyone. I get disoriented in the mountains, it is why I only visit the safest of them :)

    1. Thank you very much, Inese n.n Indeed I I respect much mountains. We went with a guide and we cared to take with us the bottles or so we used. I think my legs were aching the next day xP

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