14 thoughts on “Crown of flowers

  1. Lovely.. smooth shadows flow, stroking everything they touch, each move a gentle caress, as if magically coming from the blue to soften the black.. Beautiful post, Francis, so peaceful and serene. : )

    1. It was shot in a colonial monastery, the architecture is a blend of Europe and native America and in some ways despite being religious it’s quite sensual as a blush painted by an afternoon sun ^w^

    1. Because with it shadows are woven, things invisible to our eyes but certainly there, behind this words a smile towards you Julie, thank you n_n

    1. By day I am a respectful and correct citizen, but if the question is said at night probably yes :[
      (But I use a teeth made of plastic :D)

      1. Haha, yours are notorious.
        Rose, is everything better? I was thinking about your brother, I hope your travel gave you relief, I know your presence gave it to him.

  2. My brother will always have health issues — we make our choices as to how to live our lives, and he works hard but unfortunately, plays even harder. Thank you, Francis, for asking. You have a lovely heart, my dear friend. xo

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