14 thoughts on “Clouds over the yellow fields

    1. Thanks very much Hillechien, sorry for don’t reply before… the work barely can give me time in the end of the night (day I guess in Europe) thanks for draw a smile in me ^_^

  1. Wonderful scenery, the clouds in the distance look so close to the ground. Delicate, yes.. sometimes the most delicate of them seem to have the most strength of all. Like the blades of grass we step on or the snowdrops in early spring, inching their way through the dry leaves : )

    1. We don’t have that feeling to walk on grass, because we have ichu, a yello and tall (and hard) grass. So I discovered today with you that experience, at least in my imagination, thank you Nicol ^_^

    1. Never… in our country there are 33 climates if I am not wrong, there is always a town under snow and a beach with tropical sun.

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